Pan(demic) Pals

Students around Toronto volunteering with Panpals

What we do

Pandemic Pals was an initiative developed by high school students to help seniors in our community develop meaningful connections despite the obstacles created by social isolation.

We pair student volunteers vetted through our system with seniors to call weekly and build relationships.

We also utilize volunteers to create virtual content, such as e-greeting messages, to let seniors know that we care for and are thinking about them.

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Why it's important

In my experience, volunteerism is important for three reasons. Firstly, it builds communities. It’s so important, especially with how COVID-19 has completely changed the world as we know it, to look out for and support vulnerable populations. Second, volunteering boosts mental health. Many studies have shown that gratitude is the deepest source of happiness in life. Volunteerism and the feeling of gratitude from helping others is second to none. Finally, volunteerism builds so many skills you cannot get in the classroom. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in the real-world and work your way through real-world problems.

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